Rescue Laser Flares and Rescue Laser Lights™ Imagine a device that gives you the ability to signal anyone at a great distance using light in a way you never thought possible…This device exists! It is a Rescue Laser Flare or Rescue Laser Light A new & better way to signal for help, warn oncoming boats of your presence or locate your gear at night. Signal other boats and aircraft in search and rescue emergencies, locate an overboard crewmember in the dark or find mooring balls and fishing gear (especially if fitted with reflective tape). This compact nighttime signaling device is visible up to 20 miles away (red) and 30 miles away (green) in optimal conditions. It is also effective in daytime up to 3 miles and locates reflective material up to one mile away (the Green Rescue Laser Flare especially). Features a long-life red or green laser diode that lasts up to 10,000 hours. No expiration dates on the Laser Flares … Just keep the common user replaceable batteries in date. No reason to pollute the environment with outdated flares. Laser flares are completely safe in usage as well as storage. Much easier to figure out how to use in a stressful situation! Much better than conventional pyrotechnics for so many reasons and more! 3 models to choose from: Rescue Laser Light™ 40 Hour Emergency RED Distress Signal (equal to 2400 1-min flares) Signal up to 20 miles (32 km) nighttime, optimum conditions 1-3 miles (1.6-4.8 km) daytime / Limited Lifetime warranty One long life CR123 Lithium battery / new sight ring included Weight: 2.2 oz. / Length: 3.125 in. Rescue Laser Flare® Magnum 72 Hour Emergency RED Distress Signal (equal to 4320 1-min flares) Signal up to 20 miles (32 km) nighttime, optimum conditions 1-3 miles (1.6-4.8 km) daytime / Limited Lifetime warranty Two AA alkaline batteries / new sight ring included Weight: 5.6 oz. / Length: 6 in. Green Rescue Laser Flare®   5 Hour Emergency GREEN Distress Signal (equal to 300 1-min flares) Signal up to 30 miles (48 km) nighttime, optimum conditions 3 - 5 miles (4.8 - 8 km) daytime/ 180-day Warranty One long life CR123 Lithium battery / new sight ring included Weight: 3.4 oz. / Length: 4.875 in. Rescue Laser Flares & Lights Info Rescue Laser Flares and Lights are the best way to been seen at night, to signal,  or to see objects ... a must-have for boaters, hikers, climbers, campers, skiers, recreational vehicle users, pet owners, parents, pilots, firemen, SAR personnel, ... ! All models are waterproof to 80 feet and machined aircraft aluminum anodized for corrosion resistance. Easy to carry on a keychain or in a pocket. No fire hazard, Non-flammable, environmentally safe. Long life laser diode - 10,000 hours meantime to failure. Made in the USA by a serious company in business since over 15 years. Backed up by #1 customer service. Rescue Laser holster This small holster is practical to carry your Rescue Laser on your belt or harness. Please specify which model you want it to fit when ordering. . The lenght of laser line emitted from a Rescue Laser covers a large area making it possible to see the brilliant flash of laser light at long distances.  The concept of a “fan” of laser light is important for the user to understand. The light is out there, even though you may not see it! The line optics on a Rescue Laser allow the target to see the laser light, REGARDLESS of the point the target intersects the fan of light ! With a common laser pointer you would have to hit your target directly in the eye for them to see you.  At a distance, this would be impossible. Tech corner Eye Safety: these devices should only be used to signal persons at a distance greater 13 feet (4 meters) The Value of a Rescue Laser You would have to buy hundreds of flares just to have the same signaling capability as one Rescue Laser! And all you need to do to keep using a Rescue Laser is change out the batteries. Now that’s great value ! $ 109.95 $ 124.95 $  299.95 $  9.95 copyright 2006-2016 RLS