SCS is the German company that developed the PACTOR modes of communications. Contrary to old modes like Morse code, telex, ... Pactor mode insures 100% error-free communications. SCS modems are the standard of multi-mode controllers, they are very reliable and are used all around the globe. Whether you live in a remote location, being far in the forest or jungle, or you travel the 7 seas on a boat ... a Pactor modem used in conjunction with a SSB/HF radio and a computer will be your link to the outside world! You can communicate at no cost directly with others using the same equipment ... or you can subscribe to a special email service provider like Sailmail or Winlink for example. Equipment needed and approximate costs: 1>   Radio > between  US$ 600-3,000 (either ham, either marine) depending model and store. If you already have a radio, we can tell you if it will work well or not with a Pactor modem. Our favorite pick if you are looking to buy a new radio (ham) : ICOM 718 (check on Internet for best deals) 2>   Pactor modems > between  US$800-1,500 depending model and dealer. As a long time SCS dealer, we offer competitive prices with free full technical assistance included. 3>   Laptop or PC > from US$ 250. Nothing fancy needed! XP or higher & USB port available. Note: have a spare computer available as with computers it is not IF but WHEN it will fail! You now need a shore server you can access with your SSB signal to relay emails to/from Internet. 2 main options: 1>   Sailmail : annual membership US$ 250 for 90 min/ week; 17 stations covering 100% of the globe. 2>   Winlink: for amateur- radio operators only (hams). Cost: none! Between 30 and 60 minutes of daily connection to more than 50 stations in the world covering 100% of the globe! Hope you will appreciate the dedication of these volunteer hams offering such a GREAT service! Software needed: Airmail (free download on Internet). We are all thankful to Jim Corenman for developing such a perfect tool and to offer it at no cost to private users like us! We have personally been using this PACTOR system since it’s inception in the early 90’s (used to do beta testing). Rarely did we have days when we couldn’t connect to get our daily wx bulletins and emails from friends and family (from the Caribbean through the South Pacific into SE Asia!). Once the system is set up properly (!), it is very user-friendly … but sometimes it takes a lot of expertise and time to set it up correctly. We recommend buying the modem from an experienced dealer who will help you through the set up (in person, by email or phone). He has to be experienced as much in radios as in computers! We met more than one unlucky cruiser who couldn’t get the system to work after countless friends tried to help them for months! Test your new system before you set out for the jungle or the high seas! 3 PACTOR Modems to choose from:   P4dragon DR-7800 is the uncompromising advancement of the legendary PTC-II which is designed for professional deployment and for the ambitious amateur radio operator. DR-7800 is software-compatible with PTC-II which means that one may continue to use the existing software, such as AirMail, RMS Express, Alpha, etc., for PACTOR as well. Due to the pin compatibility of the radio equipment ports a change-over from the well-tried PTC-II technology to the innovative P4dragon technology is made convenient: re-plug, switch on and enjoy the higher speed and robustness with the PACTOR connectivity! The elegant design and the excellently readable and informative OLED display including the simplicity of upgrading (updates free of charge!) round off the features of the absolutely latest shortwave modem from the house of SCS. DR-7800 can be ideally used for HF email, for example, over the Winlink network. Externally, it stands out due to its high-resolution OLED display which, among other things, can be configured for waterfall and spectral views. Thanks to its reliability and low power consumption of 3 W, the new modem is also well-suited for distress radio communications and other applications under severe conditions. P4dragon DR-7800 Technical Data The compact HF modem P4dragon DR-7400 offers a lower-priced entry to the P4dragon modem class. The DR-7400 has been optimzed for use with the new high-end data transmission mode PACTOR-4. This allows unparalleled fast and robust data links via shortwave. Email almost like at home - from any point on earth. The DR-7400 ist software compatible to the PTC-II series and to the DR-7800 so that existing PACTOR software (Airmail, RMS Express, Alpha etc) can continued to be used. The elegant design as well as the easy upgrade possibilities (free updates!) complete the concept of the “Little Dragon“. Of course, the DR-7400 also provides TRX remote control, a GPS input and an (optional) Bluetooth interface. P4dragon DR-7400 Technical Data The older generation PTC-IIIusb works great for thousands of users worldwide since many years. A perfect modem for the budget-minded user who does not need the higher pactor 4 speed and other advantages. Effective Datatransmission over Shortwaves. PACTOR-II & PACTOR-III, Compact unit, Low power consumption, GPS interface for NMEA data. The Multimode-Controller for PACTOR-III, PACTOR-II, PACTOR-I, AMTOR, NAVTEX, RTTY, CW, FAX, SSTV, AUDIO-Filter, Packet-Radio and PSK31. PTC-IIIusb Technical Data Pactor Modems Info RELIABLE COMMUNICATION FROM ANY POINT ON EARTH   copyright 2006-2016 RLS