12v LED lights If you are using electricity from a  12 v battery system with solar,  wind, etc. These LED lights use  only about 10- 15% of power of  conventional light bulbs! Produce virtually no heat … Ideal for hot climates! Last much longer than other types of light bulbs! … Rescue Laser Flares If you need to be seen at night  from very far away ... like in your  life-raft at sea trying to get the  attention of passing cargoes &  planes! These last hours on small  batteries ... waterproof .. seen up  to 30 miles away ... small, light,  compact ... better than traditional  pyrotechnics! PACTOR modems If you need to send & receive  emails  but find no Internet  provider in range ... This Pactor  modem will get your emails ,  news & wx bulletins ! Interface  between laptop, SSB radio and  remote Internet gateway ... A  Simple – Reliable – Economical  solution Products Products many people use, with great satisfaction, for years ! ... check them out! copyright 2006-2016 RLS